Warrens Autobiography

When talking' about Swamp Pop Music, everyone should know that the Godfather of swamp pop is " Warren Storm". A Louisiana native, born in Abbeville, La. , Warren has been in the music atmosphere since an early age.His father was a drummer, fiddler, and french accordion player. Warren'sdream was to become an entertainer also, and so he started playing drum early on.
Warren's professional career began at the age of twelve, when one day his father, who at the time was playing drums with a group called the Rayne-Bo Ramblers, became ill and asked Warren to fill in for him. And so began Warren's professional career.
At the age of 15, Warren joined a country western band called Larry Brasso's Rhythm-aires. After three years, he joined The Herb Landry Band.
Warren later formed his own group, The We-Wows, followed by The Jive Masters.
Warren went on to become the top session drummer in South Louisiana recording studios. His dream also was to become a singer and right after graduating from Abbeville High School , he was signed up for his first recording with Nasco Record Company. His first record release "The Prisoner's Song" it sold almost a quarter of a million records in 1958.
Warren was born in 1937 as Warren Schexnider but changed his last name because it was to long to fit on a 45 record. During the time Warren was touring and promoting his Prisoner's Song release, he performed in Birmingham, Alabama with Elvis Presley and Brenda Lee.
During the next 20 years , Warren continued to work and record in the South Louisiana area. He played with "The Shondells" which include Rod Bernard,who had a hit record, This Should Go On Forever,and Skip Stewart: who was one of the original Boogiekings back in 1956.
Warren had several albums 45's released on various local labels. Some of his recordings include "My House Of Memories", Mama, Mama, Mama, Lord, I Need Somebody Bad, The Gypsy, and Things Have Gone To Pieces.
At this time he had his own band , The Bad Weather Band, until 1980 when Warren and Willie-Tee formed the " Cypress " band.
After working a short period of time with Cypress, Warren received a call from an unknown fan. Bob Hendricks, Warren's greatest fan, after searching 20 somewhat years for Warren finally learned the whereabouts of him thru Eddy Raven, a country entertainer. Bob made arrangements to produce the Heart And Soul album of Warren Storm. Warren was surprised to discover that he had such a devoted fan from the Nashville area who had been searching for him for 20years. After meeting Bob, they became best of friends.
After the Cypress band had dissolved in 1984, Warren and Willie-Tee continued to work together until 1994.

In 1995, Warren recorded "No More Troubles" and "Kidnapper" included in The Fabulous Boogie Kings "Swamp Boogie Blues " CD.

In 2003, Warren performing all over the U.S.A with "Lil Band of Gold" and the State of Louisiana and East Texas with various Swamp-Pop bands. Would you beleive at the ripe ole age of 66, has three new CDsIn 2004 Warren and Willie decided to put their Cypress Band back together, with the help of former BoogieKing members Tommy(Joe)Richard- guitarest and Bassest-Gerald Romero,  Karl Bordelon-keyboards, and Kyle Dugas-drums.                                                                                                                              We're having so much fun it's hard to beleive that four years have already gone by!!  Now that the Warren Storm Willie "Tee" & Cypress Band has really got super tight We are now in the process of producing our first  Cypress Band CD.


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